2012 ARIDO Interior Design Award of Merit
2010 ARIDO Interior Design Award of Excellence
2009 ARIDO Interior Design Award of Merit

The ARIDO Awards is one of the most highly regarded honours in the Canadian interior design community showcasing excellence, innovation and originality in interior design each year.

2011 TWENTY + CHANGE Selection
TWENTY + CHANGE recognizes select emerging Canadian designers who are pushing the boundaries of their discipline through a biennial exhibition and publication series.

2010 Design Exchange Award
The Design Exchange Awards promote Canadian design excellence, celebrating the success stories achieved through close partnerships between clients and designers. The DXAs are Canada’s only award program to judge design by results, balancing function, aesthetics, and economic success.

2007 Canadian Architect Award of Excellence
The Canadian Architect Awards of Excellence are given each year to architects and architectural graduates for buildings in the design stage. One of only two national award programs devoted exclusively to architecture, the Awards of Excellence have recognized significant building projects in Canada on an annual basis since 1968. Awards are given for architectural design excellence where jurors consider response to the program, site, geographical and social context, and evaluate physical organization, structure, materials and environmental features.



2012 "Big Enough?", Harbourfront Centre Architecture Gallery, Toronto
With more and more people moving back to the city centre, the expectations of what is necessary in terms of living space has dramatically shifted. Living in the city versus living in the suburbs requires a radical change of perspective and compromise of priorities. In the city, for most people, the large single family home on a spacious lot with all the amenities that go with it is a distant dream. How much space do we really need? And how can these needs be accommodated in a city where space is such a limited commodity? These are the questions we are now facing. It is a dilemma faced by cities around the world. This exhibition seeks a new paradigm for city living. As part of the exhibition "Big Enough?", 'Metrics or Memories?' by nkArchitect seeks to illustrate the potential qualitative returns should we choose to shift focus from the metrics of space to the optimization of spatial experience.

2011 TWENTY + CHANGE Emerging Canadian Design Practices, Harbourfront, Toronto
The exhibition serves to take the pulse of design interests and sensibilities amongst emerging Canadian practices. nkA was one of only nineteen firms selected from across Canada for its design excellence, formal and tectonic innovation, model of practice and sustainable approach.

2010 Design Exchange Award Winners Exhibition, Toronto
The Design Exchange Awards promote Canadian design excellence and recognizes the critical role of design in all types of organizations. Each year the winning projects from all DXA categories are exhibited at the Design Exchange, Toronto. Past DXA exhibitions have traveled across Canada and as far afield as Korea, to be shown alongside the best in international design.